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The Unmute Files Body liberation workshops are a 4 module mini course created to created make a space to learn more about what our bodies mean to us, how they are politicized and oppressed for profit and the ways in which we might resist in our own lives. The workshops have helped previous participants understand, unpack and interrogate their beliefs and biases and move from self-doubt, body shame, and disconnection to living with radical body acceptance

Key Topics covered are:
  • Radical body acceptance 

  • Body privilege and Body based oppressions

  • The global corporate body shame agenda

  • Consent 

  • Gender, Sex and Sexuality

  • Working to understand our personal biases. We also think about our relationship with our own bodies, breaking down our relationship with food, family, friends and social media and its impact on our relationship with our body. ( Sexuality, Gender, ableism, Fatphobia etc)

  • Exploring a range of tools for body liberation and understanding the power of vulnerability to help us process shame and work towards radical body acceptance in our own lives

Workshop Testimonials 

This program provided me an opportunity to not only learn about body oppression and liberation but also reflect on myself and my body journey. It has given me a new perspective on myself and the way I look and perceive my own body and others as well

- 23 year old participant 

from Nepal

I will definitely recommend the program to other women as this program has given a chance to gain new information and knowledge about body oppression and liberation. Being a gender studies major I now realize the gap in my knowledge. It has also helped me raise my confidence in terms of my body and expressing myself In front of people. I have seen myself grow amazingly and I would love for other women around me to learn and grow as well

- 22 year old participant

from India

I am incredibly grateful to The Un-mute Files, I had a lot that I unlearned, learned and relearned during the workshop. Ameira was a great facilitator and activities were powerful and liberating. By the end of the 4-week program, I am inspired to radically accept myself, reflect on my biases to work on them, support myself and other in their journey of radical body acceptance.

- 20 year old participant

from Pakistan

Prior to the course, I wasn't aware of how much diff issues and one's surrounding really affects one's perception of their body as well as other's bodies. I feel I've become more aware of my language and thoughts. I felt more empowered and finally felt like I was being true to myself

 - Student from Step by Step school

In the beginning of the course, I had almost no idea that body oppression could mean something more outside of just the physical body. I learnt the right questions to ask like "Who is not present in the room?" and to delve into the deeper meanings of everyday things like advertisements. Sharing was definitely the most valuable aspect of the program; hearing others' stories and experiences helped be reflect on some of my past experiences and understand how they have affected me and my thoughts.

- Student from British School

All the participants as well as the instructor were very open and accepting which gave me a safe platform to talk freely. it was a very supportive and empowering environment. I think this program could help my friends overcome their body issues and gain more confidence

- Student from

Ryan International School

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