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We are constantly plagued by society's notions of our body, its desirability and its freedom. The Un-mute files podcast is hoping to build a space where we can in our own voices express our journey with challenging patriarchal control over our bodies and reclaiming our bodily autonomy; and in that process become a community that supports each other’s imperfect journey towards body acceptance and body liberation


Our bodies are a site for every emotion we experience from shame, trauma to joy and self-loathing . This body journal is a tool for us to connect with our bodies every day.

To help us process the emotions we are feeling, to unmute and to have some journaling prompts to help us unpack and interrogate the beliefs and biases we have about our bodies and other peoples bodies


The Unmute Files Body liberation workshops are a 4 module mini course created to created make a space to learn more about what our bodies mean to us, how they are politicized and oppressed for profit and the ways in which we might resist in our own lives. The workshops have helped previous participants understand, unpack and interrogate their beliefs and biases and move from self-doubt, body shame, and disconnection to living with radical body acceptance

The Unmute Files is an organization committed to cultivating  body acceptance, body liberation and bodily empowerment. We believe that in many ways discrimination, social inequality, and injustice are manifestations of our inability to make peace with the body, our own and others. Through  information dissemination, highlighting peoples body journeys and community building, The Unmute files hopes to foster radical body acceptance which translates into action towards a more equitable, and compassionate world.

Body Acceptance

Body Liberation

Bodily Autonomy

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"I will definitely recommend the program to other women as this program has given a chance to gain new information and knowledge about body oppression and liberation. Being a gender studies major I now realize the gap in my knowledge. It has also helped me raise my confidence in terms of my body and expressing myself In front of people. I have seen myself grow amazingly and I would love for other women around me to learn and grow as well."

22 year old


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"This program provided me an opportunity to not only learn about body oppression and liberation but also reflect on myself and my body journey. It has given me a new perspective on myself and the way I look and perceive my own body and others as well"

23 year old


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“I am incredibly grateful to The Un-mute Files, I had a lot that I unlearned, learned and relearned during the workshop. Ameira was a great facilitator and activities were powerful and liberating. By the end of the 4-week program, I am inspired to radically accept myself, reflect on my biases to work on them, support myself and other in their journey of radical body acceptance.” 

20 year old



What Our Participants Are Saying

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